Study Abroad Costa Rica Highlights

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Hicimos Amigos Nuevos

The Random Musings of a Gypsy Archaeologist...

Yesterday was a great day as well.  We traveled to Barrio Mercedes in order to spend time at the Instituto Naccional de Aprendizaje where we visited college students who are learning English.

Here are Krystin and Knight meeting some new friends.

We spent some time helping them practie their English with icebreaker games.  It was a lot of fun and their English was very good.

The last part of our visit had the students in small groups dicussing global issues.  Then we all got back together to share what we learned in our groups and generally from each other.  The morning went very quickly.   Las Chicas Fuertes exchanged facebook invites with some of thier new friends and a quick photo before we left.

In the afternoon we had a lecture on Tico nutrition and traditional foods and then Odie  graciously opened her home to us for an empanada lesson.

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Las Chicas Fuertes

The Random Musings of a Gypsy Archaeologist...

¡Hola Amigos!

What a weekend we had.  Non-stop, action-packed fun – muy divertido. We left Atenas at 6:30 de la manana to head to Vocano Poas.

We made a selfie stop along the way to take in the beautiful vistas.  Here are Lexi, Profe, and I hamming it up with Lexi’s selfie stick.

We also bought a few snacks and tried a new fruit called a granadilla. It was similar to a pomegrante, but sweet.

We hiked to the active crater and then on to Lagoon Botas, where we stoped for another quick selfie.  Starting from the left is our adopted friend Lexi from Charlotte, Jessalyn, yours truly in the silly hat, Profe, Krystin hiding behind Profe’s elbow, and Dominique.  Esteban from Immersion Abroad Costa Rica is hamming it up in the front.  It’s an all girl group, but we decided to make Esteban an honorary chica so he…

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Exploramos Atenas

Don’t miss out on all our fun activities for the day, courtesy of The Random Musings of a Gypsy Arcaheologist.

The Random Musings of a Gypsy Archaeologist...

We spent most of our day learning the area we will call home for the next week.


We started our morning with a visit to the fresh market.  We had  list of things en Espanol to find, describe, and ask the vendors the cost of.  As you can see, Knight took a selfie break in the middle of our scavenger hunt.

When we returned to the center of town, we went out to explore the local businesses that surrounded the park and the school.  We made special note of where the ice cream shop was for later this afternoon.  I promised Knight he could have un cono de guanabana.  

It sure was a busy morning.  After all that caminando, we had our first clase de Espanol.

Between all the scavenger hunts and language learning, we worked up an appetite!  At noon we set off to el…

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¿Estás lista? ¡Es casi la hora de salir para Costa Rica !


Hi there study abroad fans!  The hour is near – only 2 more days until we leave for Study Abroad Costa Rica 2015.  I cannot wait for the rest of the ladies to meet our friends at Immerson Abroad Costa Rica.  Odie and her staff have prepared a wonderful adventure for us.


Check and double check your packing lists!  Don’t forget to pack a gift for you host Mom too.

Knight passport

Knight the panther is all set and ready to go.  Make sure you are too.  Knight will be photo journaling his way through our Costa Rica trip.  Stay tuned for some student update here on this page and check in at the Study Abroad Club @ Craven Community College facebook page to see what highjinks Knight will find himself embroiled in.

¡Hasta Pronto!

Today marks one week of being home in the United States. Although leaving Ireland was quite hard for me, it is nice to be able to share the wonderful stories and memories we made there with my family and friends here. Lauren and I miss the friends we made both in Bundoran and also in our “herd”. One of the most difficult things about leaving Bundoran was leaving the locals I had become surprisingly close to- such as the elderly man who owns the antique store down the road from the Atlantic. I learned so much from this trip, and I cannot wait to visit Ireland, and hopefully Bundoran, again some day. 

Good times had by all…



Our 10 day journey to the beautiful country of Ireland is coming to a close.  We arrived on May 20, 2014 to rainy, cold weather.  The top photo captured the cold, misty rain as our Study Abroad Group treks through the Irish countryside at the Hill of Tara.  Thank goodness the weather did not stay that way!  The second photo is of an absolutely gorgeous sunset over Donegal Bay in Bundoran, Ireland.  What a treat!

We left Ireland today, and the weather in Dublin was the same as the day we arrived-cold and rainy.  I am super excited to experience the warmth and sunshine of home, but I hope it does not take me too long to re-acclimate!  My fingers are definitely crossed. 

Enough about the weather….I can sit here and talk about the weather, the food, the singing, the surfing, the cliff-jumping, OR the craic (pronounced crack.)  Yes, the craic!  Imagine my horror the first time I was asked, “Did you have good craic?”  Wait a minute….what?!  After my shock subsided, I was educated on the topic of “craic” not crack.  Craic is the fun, the conversation, the experience, the banter, or any word that describes the experience of a fun, jovial time.  I choose to use the word craic to describe all of the experiences and fun that I had on my journey in Ireland.  It ties the new friends, endless activities, bottomless chips (french fries to us folks), and kayaking all together in to a nice little bow.  Craic.  Yes, that explains it quite nicely! 


~Michelle C.

Almost Home

ImageWe are packing up and leaving Bundoran today. We had a poignant visit to St. Patrick’s Well, pictured above, where we prayed for ourselves and others. After a great day on the golf course, we had a great Irish Stew dinner and farewell party in the hotel pub. Some of us performed and so did our hosts and several locals. It is bittersweet to be going after the great times here in Bundoran.

Adventures galore

Outside Parkes Castle in Sligo. Dominique, Kayla, Adriana, Katherinne, and Ore.

Outside Parkes Castle in Sligo. Dominique, Kayla, Adriana, Katherinne, and Ore.

Donegal Bay.

Donegal Bay.

The view from our Apartment.

The view from our Apartment.

The entire atmosphere of Ireland is completely breathtaking. There is nothing like the crisp cool air, and rolling green hills. Even the view from our apartment was the mountains and beautiful lights. The people are friendly, the beer is good, and the night scene is happening. We could not have picked a better town to visit than Bundoran. This little town offers so much beauty and rich history. We have learned so many things, in so little time. It doesn’t get dark outside until after ten at night. For North Carolina, this is unheard of! The temperature also rises and falls, then sun comes out and it pours down rain in a matter of just a few hours. Even the way people speak is different in the way it’s worded and the expressions people use when they talk. Of course the side people drive on the road is different, the toilet flushes the opposite way and the legal drinking age here is 18 instead of 21. The Donegal Adventure Centre is one of the best attractions in the town. We went rock climbing, climbed down a wall, and stood on a platform to attempt to grab a trapeze five feet away. We went surfing with them, and jumped off a cliff. They even helped us break the ice our first day and become much more familiar with each other. We have walked all over town, and learned that even store opening and closing times are different than America. They open late, and close early. One very great part of Ireland is how delicious all of their dairy products are. Their ice cream, butter, cream, cheese and even yogurt is amazing. We tasted a traditional Irish breakfast of tomatoes, mushrooms, poached eggs, bacon and sausage, and also a blood sausage. La Sabbia is the restaurant we ate at most of the time, and every meal was delicious. We tried various local restaurants and were able to taste different variations of food we already knew and some new foods as well. Coffee is a very traditional drink as well as tea. Guinness is the most popular beer. Surfing is a huge sport, and unlike North Carolina the weather doesn’t really keep people inside. The day of the cliff jump was the coldest, wettest day we had and of course most of us did it anyway. Each and every experience has been unique, and has made such an impression on me, it has me wanting to change some everyday things about me such as my eating habits and staying active. The flat land of North Carolina surely did not prepare me for the hills of Ireland! There are so many differences between the USA and Ireland. I have learned many things that will carry with me, and memories that I’ll never forget. I made many wonderful friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. I have never experienced anything quite like this, and I will never forget all of the fun I had, all the beautiful sites we saw, all the history I learned, and all of the great friends I made.



-Dominique Gupton 9:45 p.m. 25/5/14 ( they also write their dates like this with the day first instead of the month. )